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Email Tips and Email Filtering Information

All email service providers today use email filtering systems to sort out the countless spam emails from the good legitimate emails that are sent to their customers.  These email filtering systems are computerized and operate on a basis of "keyword" and "key phrase" searches.  This means that when the filter system receives an email, it quickly searches it.  If any words or phrases in the email match the system's list of "spam" words or phrases, that email is filtered.   A filtered email may be deleted automatically or it may be sent to the customer's Junk Mail or Spam Mail folder in their inbox.

There are actually two sets of filters that an email must pass before it arrives to the intended recipient.  The first filter is the "server-side" filter.  This is the filter that is controlled by the Email Service provider.  The customer has no control over the filters or filter settings at this level.  The second filter an email must pass through is the Inbox filter system.  These are the filters that the customer has placed on their inbox.  The customer is in complete control of the filter settings at this level.

You can create filter-friendly emails.  Below are some PDF documents which give tips and information on how to create emails that avoid "spam" filters and insure your opt-in leads receive their emails properly.


You can test your emails through Response Magic to see if they pass filter standards.  Here are some tests you can run if you or your recipients are having trouble receiving emails through Response Magic

Create a Text Only email in Response Magic (with no images, fonts, colors or website links) and send it to your email address or an address who is having trouble sending them.  See if you or the person receives the email.

Create a Text Only email and do the same as above, but this time include a link to your website in the email.

Create a HTML email with the no links (but you can add font colors and images) and do the same as above

Create an HTML email with the link to your website and send it.

Did any of these 4 emails get through?  If your HTML emails did not get through but your text messages did, you may have an HTML filter on or your email provider may not allow HTML emails.  If the emails with the link did not get through but emails without the links did, you or your email provider may have a filter on that domain name.


Please note that Response Magic does not condone or encourage "spam" emails by providing these materials.  These materials are for the purpose of sending emails to customers who have subscribed or opted-in to receiving emails through Response Magic.  All emails sent by Response Magic must adhere to our anti-spam policies and terms of use agreement.