Response Magic Anti-Spam Policy

Response Magic is a system geared towards maximizing the follow-up of your sales efforts. Our system is not to be used for the purpose of sending unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or SPAM.

What is SPAM?

To Spam is to send email to people who have not requested for the email to be sent to them. Response Magic requires its members to provide follow-up with prospects whom have legitimately requested your response.

Spam has been defined by the following:

  • CAN SPAM Act of 2003
  • Directive 2000/31/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 8 June 2000, on legal aspects of information society services, in particular, electronic commerce in the Internal Market ('Directive on Electronic Commerce'),
  • Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 12 July 2002, concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector
  • laws enforced by Customerís country of residence.

Repercussions of Spamming – ZERO TOLERANCE:

Response Magic and the Platinum Synergy Group Inc. reserve the right to terminate any account which is used for the purpose of Spamming. Response Magic has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against and will not issue refunds for misused accounts.

Contact and Opt Out Policy or Removal

The contact information contained within the accounts of our customers is private and confidential.  We do not share or sell contact information. 

Each contact within an account may Opt Out of receiving the emails being sent to them by the account owner at any time.  Each email sent to a recipient contains a link at the bottom which allows for the recipient to Opt Out of receiving emails.  In addition, the recipient can choose to opt out of all future emails by either that sender'saccount or globally.  If the contact chooses to opt out globally, the email address they provide will be blocked by our system completely, meaning that no user can add that email address to their system at any time in the future.

To globally opt out, please fill out the form found here

Opt Outs are handled on an email address basis.  If a recipient opts out, they will only be opting out to receive emails to that specific email address. 

Opt Out requests can only be reversed pending contact from the opted-out recipient from the email address that was removed.  

Our Commitment to proper follow-up etiquette.

Many people utilize Response Magic on a daily basis to effectively control their online marketing efforts. Response Magic has a commitment to all of our customers to provide an effective management tool for many years to come. In order to insure the reputation of the Response Magic system we strongly enforce our anti-spam policy. We ask our users to use our system in a professional and legal manner to assure that all members of our system will have a Spam free environment for conducting business.

Sending Unsolicited Mail is Prohibited

Spam complaints against accounts are documented and we reserve the right to close down any account which is found to be sending unsolicited email to contacts. The customer may be held liable for any and all damages incurred from the sending of unsolicited email and the resulting actions needed to rectify any complaints against the account. 

Reporting SPAM or misuse

If you have received an email from a customer of Response Magic whom you have not given permission to contact you. Please contact our representatives will ensure you that this problem will be resolved.

To Submit a Formal SPAM Complaint Click Here

To Submit a support request, Click Here