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We make it simple to attract your target market and build
"authority" and influence in your market.

Hybrid Opt-in Technology

Confirm opt-in when it's needed and direct contact when it's not.

Confirm opt-in requires users to click a confirmation link when they join your email list. Lets face it, sometimes users that want your content just forget. But it's vital to email delivery to make sure the leads on your list are legitimate. So with Response Magic, we have developed a way to detect if an opt-in is legitimate. If they are, you can still email those users who don't confirm, increasing your total opt-ins and your sales.

Everywhere Opt-In

Being everywhere in your marketing can be hard, but with Response Magic we make it easy

Just create one "Customer Magnet" with our easy-to-use wizard and it automatically creates multiple strategies for collecting opt-ins. Collect opt-ins on your blog or website with our instantly generated opt-in forms.

Capture contact from Facebook with our Instant Facebook Fan page system.

Don't have a website? No problem, Response Magic creates instant lead generating web pages for you and hosts them for you, for Free!

All you have to do is create your first customer magnet with our customer magnet wizard.

Customer Magnet Wizard

Business owners need conversion to build an email list, not just the code.

With the customer magnet wizard, we walk you through the exact same process we use to create our customer magnets in house, so that you build your list faster, influence more people and grow your business.


We make it simple to influence your
audience on auto-pilot

Unlimited Automatic Email Campaigns

Set it up and let it work! We make your message deliver itself.

With unlimited automatic email campaigns, you can deliver your marketing message the right way, to the right prospect, every time. Just create your emails and set your prospects up on a pre-determined time schedule and your new prospects will be sent your messages at the right time for them, automatically.

Timed and Targeted Broadcasting

News happens! Don't leave your customers in the dark.

With targeted broadcasting, you can deliver a breaking broadcast update any time, to any segment of your email list. You can even schedule your message to be timed for a specific date and time to announce a new product launch or exciting time sensitive news.

Saved Email Library

We want to send fast, but stay consistent

With saved emails in your library, you can use a previous saved email as a template so your email can look beautiful, consistent and you do it all faster than ever.


We make it simple to track and
monitize your email marketing

Smart Link Tracking

Watch who and what gets clicked in real time.

The smart link tracking system gives you valuable insights on who is clicking your offers, what they click and where they clicked it. So you know what works and what doesn't.

Splinter Tool

Now that you know what prospects want, you can put it to use!

The splinter tool allows you to create one-click segments of your data so you can deliver a specific email campaign for specific types of prospects in your marketing funnel then watch your conversions soar.

Campaign Statistics

Review campaigns from a bird's-eye-view.

Discover which emails resonate with your audience by monitoring open rate and click-through rate across all your campaigns. Tweak subject lines and review which subject lines get the best open rates. Tweak your emails to see which emails get the highest click-through rates.

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